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Hey whats up guys name is Danny new to the domestic crowd.I recently got a 2000 GT which is my first Mustang.I'll post pics when the weather clears up.I'm currently at Ft Hood my wife is active and i'm in the national guard.Originally from NC

Hi Welcome... 1st mustang,  sure hope you are enjoying it. And thank you and your wife for the service to the country

Welcome to Texas and this forum.  I'm an old Texan and fully support the Longhorns and the Cowboys.  Maybe we can get a Texas Mustang group together some day.  Hang.....

Welcome to the domestic world! Im trying to get my boyfriend to switch over, no luck yet.. hes very into JDM. He hates my car with a dying passion and calls it ricer because its got a stalker body kit. Which is in no way ricer. anyways welcome! glad to have you!

Sounds like a nice Mustang, do some mods and get some more hp!   ;)


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