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Hopefully now that you have entered the domestic world you won't leave again ;D

Thanks for all the welcomes and what not.I havent gotten to have to much fun with my car since its been down for a while but i'm getting back to it,lol.And sadly to say i still love my imports,lol

Daily drivers such as imports are not all bad, but you doh't have the V8 power of a Mustang.   

Welcome that would be bad*** to have a big texas meet but I don't think we have that many people here from texas?

There are 5 or 6 of us from Texas.  Maybe we could all meet at the Mustang owner's Club of Austin come August.  I will keep you all informed about the dates, etc, or you could just google MOCA and get the information.  It's not a real big show, and includes all classic models of Fords, but mostly Mustangs.  It's a fun day, and includes C&W music as well as some nice prizes from companies like Summit. 
I know you guys have a show in Houston as well, so maybe we could hook up there as well.  Let us know what the dates are for the Houston show.  I know some other friends from another Mustang site like Veronica who lives in Houston and is quite knowledgable, so maybe we could gather a crowd. 


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