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New guy from Ohio, My Blown Cobra II

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Hi all I just found the site and figured Id join. If I can figure out how to post pics, I will. 363 CID Stroker


Hi Giddyupv8 and welcome to the site.
This light Mustang must be very impressive on the track. Do you have any quarter time and horse power numbers to give us?

I wont be able to "stand on it " until I break the motor in. Just upgraded to the Dart 363 Stroker and though said no break in necessary, Im old school and will not take any chances, so Ill let you know later on this year. The salt from this past winter is still on the roads here so I wont be able to drive till its gone :(

That is a Awesome Looking Motor!    Should be lots of fun after it broke in ... thumbs up       And Welcome to the Forum

So, you figured out how to post a pic.  Good job.  Man, what an awesome looking motor.  How many tame miles do you need to go to get it broken in?  Something like 3,000, huh? 


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