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New guy from Ohio, My Blown Cobra II

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Yea, I figured out how to post pictures- I just don't know if I can remember how for the next time lol. Im gonna allow 700 or so miles at varying speeds for break in .Its going to be real hard keeping my foot out of it but I dont have the money to do it over again should I screw something up nor would my wife let me haha.

When I broke in my Mach, I would get on the freeway and drive for 20 or so miles at 75, then get off the freeway onto side roads and drive 30 or so.  Then get back on the freeway and drive back the other direction at 75 or so.  I'm from the old school, so believe you break it in at the speed on the freeway you usually drive.  They tell me though, that a break-in period is not necessary now today with the limited tolerances, but I don't believe them.   ;D

we must of gone to school together, I don't believe it either

Great looking motor. I agree with Soaring. You should break it in using both highway and back roads speeds. Once its broken in it should be a mean machine.


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