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Hello Everybody,
 I'm new to the site, I hope I can share things that I have learned from working on my 66 fastback and still learning. Look forward to asking a lot of questions as well. Thanks for having me.

Joe AZ 2 PA:
Welcome aboard Chris, we have alot in common. . . .  8)

Welcome Chris. Ive been away awhile myself and just getting back to the forum. This is a great network and so far everyone Ive meet as been  welcome to give advice and answer any questions out there. Im sure you'll find yourself at home.

Thanks Joe and Meric, I appreciated it.
Joe I look forward to seeing Pics of your fastback.
Meric,  I have family in Kentucky,  Georgetown, where they make the Toyota Camry.
Thanks again guys.

Welcome to the forum.  Your mustang is really nice.


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