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Hello I am new to mustangs, mine is a 2004 Mustang Gt, for now is stock, but I will do some stuff little by little.  Question guys is the clutch so hard on this car and hard to put in to gears, I only have is now the acufab 75ml throtle and short shifter also I hear a wining noise when I engauge the clutch, for experience I presume is the throw out bearing. also have more parts that i got in the trade, fidanza aluminum flywheel, exeddy clutch, long tube headers, 3inch catback I think is 40 something, sniper tuning or delta force all this parts i have to install them, but for now I am going to enjoy it stock, I will post pice the beast later on. any sugestion or parts that I should get? my plans for now is to get as economical as possible oh I forgot is on a 93 octane tune.... :o
Update 9/27/09 some pics.

Welcome, Due to budget constraints, a lot of us have to make or mods in small steps. It sounds like you have a good start. The whine when you push down the clutch does sound like the throwout bearing. Post a picture when you get a chance.

sounds like you got a small project on your hands. Welcome by the way. I'm one of the few females on this board. Good luck with your clutch. I've done one when I had my 94 V6. I learned how to drive in that car. Well They aren't too terrible to put in, just make sure everything will fit the car before you try to jam it all in  ;D

some pics the ride.
Also I did today the cold air inatake and the pulley set. car feel smotter and more rev happy.

Looks beautiful.  ;D

I bet she/he runs amazing!


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