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New GT owner from Dubai

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Got my 07 Gt 10 days ago & already started to mod.


After 10 days

Badges painted
Rear spiler & badge delete
Stock 18" painted Anthracite
H&R drop 45 mm

More to come.............................

Welcome! Your car looks amazing  :o

Who said you have to spend a lot of money to make a car look nice? I love the result. :D
Welcome to the site Samaj, I hope you will stay around for a while to show us what you are going to do with it. ;)

It's starting to look meaner and meaner with every mod.  Now, do some mods to the engine so that it will perform to how it looks.  Otherwise, you are going to get blown off the road by a sleeper. 

 ::) mines a sleeper  ::)

I do agree, don't get kicked by a stang that looks like a V6. That would be upsetting.  :P

Good luck 


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