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Hey my name is Raymond,have a 98 GT,just wanted to roll by and say hey

Hey Raymond....welcome to the site.  I live in Wimberley and we have guys who live in Bula and Kyle.  Maybe I will organize a weekend get-together and we will start our own Mustang club.  Keep in touch. 

Hello Raymond nice stang

Raymond, there is another member who lives in San Antonio.  His name is John Sumners and he has a 69 with a cleveland in it.  Give him a tap and see if you guys can go see each other this weekend or something.  John is a really nice guy.  Here is his email addy.

thanks everyone for the kool welcome,I tried to organize a meet here in SA,Stangs only,it started off promising as like up to 40 Stangs showed up,then there was a larger hangout at another place so they went there,but oh well


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