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As i just register to this forum, let me my 69 coupe. I'm From belgium, and got a 1969 V8 302 Coupe Mustang. Lotís of mods where applied to the car like, some goodies to the engine (will be replaced by a brand new 347 crate engine in september), T5 5 speed trans, a 0'' ford 3.55 (read end), 03 mach1 wheel (17Ē), line lock, cut outs, ... and more to come.

Let's go for some pictures.

More of My (and lot's of other) mustang pictures :

Put all of those pictures in the June photo contest.  Your chances of winning will increase by more pictures.  Take some of the engine compartment and the interior as well.  Let's see lots of pictures of that beautiful beast. 

All started in 2002, i bough this Mustang 69 coupe in Belgium. It's a DSO 90 (export), in fact the car was build in Belgium and sold to a football tem mmanager here, in belgium. In the late 70ies, he sold it to a man that alreadu got the same mustang (same 302 coupe, same color, etc.).

As i discovred it:

It was in pretty nice condition, but need some work to get on the road for long distance trip. So i made some modification.

Starting with renewal of the engine compartment, upgrading to a Edelbrock performer intake, edelbrock 650cfm carburator, Headmann long header, new alternator, water pump, radiator, ragulator, ... etc.

From this

to this

(in progress pictures)

Then 1st probleme .. no more fuel to the pump .. so i decide to change pump & fuel tank.

Old & new Pump (Holley "12-833")

Did i mention, i was on a trip when my fuel pump die? Trailler needed to get home ! :)

Then winter comes ... time for a T5 Swap !  ;-)

PS cylinder Boot & Bushing kit F1621 (116)
T5 shifter lever ENG670092
5 speed knob TRA678102
Centerforce disk 280490
Centerforce I pressure plate CF360030
Throw out bearing N1439
Flywheel Centerforce 700225
Pilot bushing N20
T5 World Class
T5 adapter for 4 speed bell housing
T5 transmission crossmember
T5 transmission mount
Drive shaft yoke 28 spline

Center force pressure plate, center force cluch disk, ans World Class T5.

Sorry no pix of the T5. It was from a Cobra.


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