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--- Quote from: Soaring on August 25, 2009, 02:09:00 AM ---What do you use to clean your engine compartment?

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Heh heh heh... I use Meguliars NXT Tech wax 2.0 on the painted surfaces and for all the rubber comonents etc NXT Generation Tech Protectant

Thx for noticing  ;D


--- Quote from: Thierry on August 25, 2009, 07:42:07 AM ---
--- Quote ---I was at the Atlantic Nationals again this year... under the trees by the childrens water park on Sat and under the trees between the vendors in the parking lot and the tennis courts on Sun.
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Yes once I reached the water park on saturday, all the cars were gone except a Mopar that wouldn't start and two Mustangs.

I spent too much time listening to the hotrodder Gene Winfield giving metal work lessons. Next time I will try to stay more than a day to be able to see everything. ;D

If you come to Saint John, drop by my place to show me your show car. I'll have some Alpine beer ready for you. ;D

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Wow that was late in the day!  I was about 100 yards left of that spot.  I was down close watching Gene do his metal demos - it was amazing!

Thanks for the offer to visit in surf city - I may look you up if I'm down that way.


ps  - did you here about the new NB plates available - seasonal plate - only required in the rear.  Picked mine up on Monday!  No more dreaded front plate!!   ;D

Send me a PM if you plan to come my way. ;D
I heard about the new NB plates but never saw one before. Are they nice?


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