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New 64 1/2 coupe from from Salt Lake City utah


Hi everyone names Tyler from Salt Lake City utah. I have a 1964 1/2 coupe 289v8 with factory air and power steering. I've done a few mods to my cars I have edelbrock top end kit. I have dual 2.5" exhaust with flowmaster super 44s. My car also has newer 2007 mustang gt front seats retro fitted into my car as my original front drivers was trashed when I bought my car running for only 1,500. Great deal slight rust repair I replaced both quarter panel skins outer wheel wells and trunk drop pans. I also have made several disc brake kits for mustangs and similar for spindle cars. I have also made disc kits to fit the i6 mustangs as well to fit the 13"&14" rims

Sorry I'm on my cell computers down let's see if I can post some pictures of my car. The pictures show my interior before after can decide on if I like the fox body armrest or stock. I also change my wheels fairly often seance i make disc conversion kits on the side. My pictures show a few set ups

Hi confreres!

I live in Itu, São Paulo State, Brazil.

I own a 2011 Ford Mustang V8 coupé MT.

The V8 engine and the manual transmission are terrific.

It's a great car!

Best regards,


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