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Jerry Baker:
Ok everyone guest and all.  I always name my cars and don't really know why.  Here is my question.   What did you name your car and why?   Let us know

well the name for my wifes stang changes everytime I work on it, "M F "this, why this stupid son of ^&&($ that. you know the drill

Well i probably dont have to tell ya, but I call her Arrestmered..................I would like to have a custom plate  to correspond, but I dont think that would be necessary....she can be spotted a mile away. Factory Torch red. Ive been lucky so far tho........Im a newbie to a fast car, and i only got her up to workin on it! I got a little chicken s&^%%&!!!!


the wifes 87 gt is called cherry cause she loves cherrys and the l-plate will read swtchrry.

the 01 name is Lizzy cause she will be done in green lizards. I was going to call the the 01 Shelby but that wouldnt be right as disgrace the shelby stangs,


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