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my Shelby needs a push

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I got to many 'irons in the fire' to post all over (being retired takes a lot of my time), so I 'lurk', and I'll stick to my 'K'.

I never knew their were so many Ford & Mustang forums & web pages. I usually stick to the VMF, the Hi-Po forum, and a couple of Shelby ones. This contest has definitely got me outside my usual comfort zone.

But on the plus side, I have a gotten a lot of encouragement from across the Ford spectrum, and met some really nice car nuts, who seem to be nearly as crazy as me.

Z. Ray

Hey Ray,  I live in Wimberley, so maybe we should get together sometime.  I have a '65 coupe and an 03 Mach1. 
BTW, I tried to become a member and got a message that I could not access the page. 
Whassup with that? 

I drive out that way at least once a week, so that would be easy to arrange.

Have any a/c in that coupe? I'm tempted every summer to add a/c to the Shelby.

you had trouble signing up so you could vote? I can't access the new registration page  to see what's up with that since I have (the cookie) already registered. Keep trying I guess, hope it doesn't turn out too frustrating.

Z. Ray

Asking for a service or advertising a product in the first post can easily be taken for spam but I am glad you came back to reply to the comments Z. Ray and I hope you will hang around here for a while to talk more the great car you have.
I had no problem registering and your Shelby has my vote. It's by the way, the only interesting classic with the 70 Cuda in my opinion ;D


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