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Bonjour les amis du club Mustang V8 mon nome est frankie et je vous écris de l'Italie .. je suis membre et directeur régional de la Mustang Club d'Italie 8) pour le Mustang Club of America. mon abonnement à votre forum est de partager les activités de notre club et de partager notre [b]"PASSION MUSTANG". [/b]. merci de m'avoir accepté dans le Mustang V-8 .. frankie (doc)

Hi Frankie and welcome to the forum.

You registered in the English forum of the website and we only have English speaking members here. :)

If you wish to join the French one, here is the right link:

Iìm sorry, It's not a problem and so in the future I'll transmit to you italians news in English Language.. frankie

Salvo is already in the French forum, maybe he can post news directly there as most visitors and members here are in the States?

Anyway, some members there have contacts with your club and important announcements like your 50th Mustang celebration have been made. ;)


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