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Dr. Feelgood:
I own a 1999 Mustang Gt, its capable of running 13's i have outfitted the gt with C&L Performance upper plenum, a Steeda Autosports intake spacer, a 70mm throttle body, a MAC cold-air intake, MSD coils, a full rosh exhaust including long tube headers, 3.73 hickory gears, an SCT X-Cal 3 tuner, and BFG Drag Radials. The battery now resides in the truck and i have added upper and lower control arms. I still think i can squeeze a little more out of it.
Most of these mods are new.

I love that grille. Adds a very mean look to the ride --> Like this one  >:(

Deff. Pretty  ;D

Looks fast sitting still! Me likey!   ;D

nice ride next addition should be a kenne bell  ;D


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