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Hi All
This is my Mustang as it arrived here in NZ. Its a 289 auto with 9inch diff and 4bbl carb. Needs most susp bushes replacing a couple of rotors a bearing and ball joint to get it legal for NZ roads.
Its going to be a drive and restor project. Needs a little tidy up and a decent spray job.
Thanks for looking.

Nice looking Mustang.  Let us know when you get her to your liking.

mustang muscle:
Wow thats a nice looking stang

Thanks guys. When i get it on the road and drive it i will know what needs doing first. I have a new carpet that will go in soon. The drivers seat has lost its springyness :( So will get that done soon as pos.
One thing i need to sort is the exhaust manifold (headers) leak. I replaced the gasket. But the gasket that i have used is much thinner than the one i took off. It still leaks!!! I wondered if i need to use a thick gasket like the one i removed. Trouble is can't find one like that here in NZ.

Ford did not use exhaust gaskets on factory small blocks. Now that that is out of the way, most rebuild kits have gaskets and some rebuilders use them, some don't. I would assume that the mounting surface on the head is flat (for starters) and the manifold is warped. Pull the manifold and place it on an absolute flat surface to check how flat it is. I've used a piece of window glass so that gives you an idea how flat the surface needs to be. You may want to go to a machine shop to do this and if so, find one that can surface the manifold if it is not flat. Be careful when removing the manifold from the H pipe (it looks like you have dual exhausts) as the "doughnut" gasket gets to be brittle over time.


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