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My GT windveil blue


Hi every body, let me introduce my self, I'm Vincent, i live in France near Paris, and i'm the very happy owner aof a 2005 Gt Windveil blue since july.
I used to be on the french section of this forum, let me introduce your my pony:

Mustang GT premium BVA 2005 windveil blue
1st hand, bought by an English guy
41050 km
2 sets of keys and remote

Picture of the dealer :

Pictures at home the day i got it, rainning day >:(
In its box :

Short Antenna:

Yes they are 8 O0 O0 :

under the car :

Inside :

Dashboard :

It will stay STOCK, that explain my pseudo  ;D

Hello Vincent  ;D
You said you want to stay Stock ?!  :o

hi Geoffrey,

Yes that's what i said, but os we say in France  ;) :" il n'y a que les idiots qui ne changent pas d'avis".

Anyway is was too hard to resist with all the mad mustangers around the FMF ;D

See you & your CS next week ?

Yes, of course  ;D

Joe AZ 2 PA:
A belated welcome to the group Vincent. Nice looking Mustang. . . .  8)


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