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So I recently bought an 06 GT.  My first mustang or american car for that matter.  Ive driven volkswagens all my life so this is a change haha.  Im looking for some inspiration so any suggestions id appreciate it!

It's a beautiful car.  I would just drive it like it is.  It will give you all the power you need to drive legally.  (Or illegally if you so desire.  ;D) Congratulations on the purchase. 

How is the speed limit in your  ::)

sweet ride. what part of PA are you from i see you know what WaWa is (for those of you who dont it is the worlds best convience store). And what are you looking to do to it change the looks a little or some stuff under the hood

That's a beautiful work of art Mustang as it stands.  Don't muck it up with some teenager mods. 


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