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My first 'Stang

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Cobra GT:
Welcome, nice little piece, sorry to here you might have to liquidate

sexy car. Those foxes are nice when they are in great condition like that!

Well, I ended  up buying another car as an everyday driver (03 Jetta GLI vR6) and I dont really get to drive her that much and dont have a garage to keep the stang in. I also just graduated from college and have some student loans that need to be paid off and a few other things. I *could* keep her if I *really* wanted to, but right now it's just not very practical. I posted it for sale on a website and a few weeks ago and havent gotten any calls so I may end up keeping her after all..who knows. Either way, if I do end up getting rid of her, it's gonna break my heart. lol

Lol mustangs are practical! Sell the jetta!


--- Quote from: Konrad on January 09, 2010, 07:09:35 PM ---Lol mustangs are practical! Sell the jetta!

--- End quote ---

Simple fix


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