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Here is my first mustang...It has come a LONG way to get to where it is...I love her, but unfortunately may have to sell her soon. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!

One more pic and a list of some of what I have had done..

new vavle covers  axle seals  ign. switch  dynomax catback exhaust system
heat/air repaired   255 LPH fuel pump  headlight/foglights assemblies  fuel  injectors  bbk si intake manifold  bbk shorty headers  bbk cold air  performance alum radiator/elec fan  machined rotors w/ cobra R brake system interior redone  rims/bfg performance tires  msg ign wires  ..thats just what i can remember off the top of my head...LOVE this car!

also forgot to mention the max. motosport suspension w/ bilstien shocks

Nice looking Fox, you have done a lot to her very cool thanks for sharing.

Why must you sell the pretty girl?
If you don't mind sharing. If you do I understand.


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