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well i havent been on here in a long time so... here is one of my 4 eyes its a 85 gt i dont feel like listing all of the mods just ask if you want to know... it runs 12's on spray, and its my 02 harley truck its boosting 12psi right now tuned forced air induction and bassani exhaust

 Welcome back 68ford289. I want to know the list of mods  ;D
To make runs in 12 sec. there must be a many of them.

302 gt 40 roller motor with gt 40 y aluminum heads , wolverine cam 520 lift, eldelbrock intake, 670 carb(could be better), bbk long tubes, spintech exhaust dumped, msd coil 8 mm plug wires, bbk subframe connectors, FRPP aluminum drive shaft, 3.73 gears with posi, t-5 with pro 5.0 shifter, bbk GRIPP rear suspension, and some more misc things i cant think of, car weights i little under 3000 lbs with driver

Sounds like a fun car to drive.  What rear tires and wheels are you running?

on my weld draglites i run a 225/50 radial ta and with the cobras a 275/40 khumo ecsta


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