Author Topic: my c code coupe to shelby performance upgrade.  (Read 8988 times)


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my c code coupe to shelby performance upgrade.
« on: February 15, 2006, 09:59:48 AM »
first i want to thank Dave at L.A. Mustang for all of his advice on my mustang project.
I took over my grandfathers 1966 base model c code coupe. it had all the lame stuff that needed to be upgraded;
8" ford 2.8 pegleg differential
automatic trans c-4 or c-6 i'm not sure. i pulled it immediately.
manual 4 wheel drum brakes
bias ply tires, i had no idea how bad bad tires could be.
budget overhauled 289 2 barrel motor with approx. 60,000 original miles
well worn and faded original standard aqua interior one color.
i had sawed and peeled the radio hole back to install a crappy jvc or audiovox tape player in 1988 when i was in the 11th grade. i can only blame myself, i prefer it that way. just one more thing to deal with.
14" stock steelies with the common vintage hubcaps.
this car had been garage kept almost since day one. it still has the original dealership (les arkenberg) license plate frames from the next town over Gardena Ca. as well as the original black w/ yellow letters california license plates in very good condition. i even found the empty can of aqua acrylic enamel my grandfather sprayed on the car in about 1980.
i met dave from l.a. mustang at the pomona swap meet, and i decided to make this the hot rod i always wanted. except in my head it was a factory 4 speed 1967 camaro. poor me
all in one shot i ordered the power disc brake kit, complete new front suspension and steering parts, including centerlink, idler arm, upper control arm shafts, and 1" drop 600# front coil springs. heres the list of everthing else;
1" front anti sway bar, 3/4" rear sway bar.
oem 8" ford limited slip 3.5 diff.
rear axles from a granada and 14" steelie rims from granada due to the larger 3"hole reqd. after the disc brake upgrade
2-1/2" wide rear drums from a 1970 montego.
stiffer rate 1" drop rear leaf springs
mechanical clutch assy, belcrank, z bar, bushings, ...
t-5 transmission from an 83 5.0 with around 90000 miles on it.
aftermarket crossmember for new tranny and 1" adapter plate to join to early 289 block.
monte carlo bar and export brace.
cast iron 4 barrel manifold from an a code 1965 mustang.
1.12v motorcraft carb
new motor mounts
nos gt rear valence w/out backup lights. oh well only an elite few will spot that discrepancy.
1965 high rally pac, fried? igniter II maybe?
perfect condition non ac center console all lights, springs. and not a crack now or then.

OK after all that and about $5000 and alot of help from my good friend Madball (aircraft mechanic) and my grandfathers pit dug into the garage floor. YEAH, take that building and safety!!!

i forgot to mention the lowering of the 2 bolt holes that attach the upper control arm shaft to the shock towers. this is the shelby gt 350 camber modification that improves handling around curves.

so after all that the point is ... upgrade them. its worth it. they are capable of handling incredibly well

Jerry Baker

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Re: my c code coupe to shelby performance upgrade.
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2006, 11:38:27 PM »
oh ya the old ones can take all the new items and look like a dream as they did back then and handle even better then before.

Sounds like you did some nice stuff.  have you painted it yet?



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