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Here's my baby, I Love my side pipes.

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Very nice Mustang. Any modification other than the body?

I've rebuilt the engine kept the forged pistons, bigger cam, 2 1/2 pipes, 373 gears, cold air kit, 70mm mass air, K&N filter, 1 5/8 BBK headers, Ajustable rear sway bar, subframe connectors, strutt tower brace, Konig shocks, I have an MSD distributor and ignition control box but havent installed them yet. All this I've done slowly cause it aint cheap. I keep the car clean try to do all the work myself.

ya side pipes are very nice..I'm planning on putting them on mine within the next month   :-D

What stang do you have? The mufflers have to be same side inlet outlet and the side pipes will need good ground clearance to clear speed bumps and stuff, Its the only down side. I recomend Spin tech mufflers and oval tips, check out there web site


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