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Well hello again everyone! Well it almost seems like I've done this part, but wanted to actually introduce my lovely lady Faith. That is the name of my 66 Mustang. She is all original (except for the air filter - has to pass emissions, but still have original). Lets see, been living in Colorado for lil over a year and half. New Mustang owner, long time fan though, so very happy where I'm at right now in my life. In the Navy, and will be deploying in March/April to Afghan! So trying to get as much out of my baby while I can, till I'm back after a year!  ;D I am in the process of getting a X pipe into IMCO(I think that is the brand) mufflers to get that deep growl Stang's are known for. Anything else? Feel free to ask!


ive used flowmaster n always got that same effect. :) very nice and they do individual piping. makes easy for labor.   ;D

You can buy a complete exhaust kit from Flowmaster or Magnaflow for pretty cheap and all you have to do is install it and you're good to go. And of course you get the Mustang sound ;D

just make sure the new gaskets seal good. ull get exhaust out the manifold. i unfortunately ran into this issue. i had someone else do em. also you should be able to take em off with a breaker bar. but some ppl impact em. i personally wont be doing this when i change my gasket. or you can take it off at the block. before anything, make sure you jack it up so you can get in there.

My welding skills on thin exhaust pipe sucks, so I had Midas Muffler shop install my Ravins.  I have never been satisfied with clamped on pipes and mufflers. 


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