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Thierry wrote:
Be carefull driving the vert on the snow. I lost the driver seat floor on my rust free Firebird after 5 years of winter use. A leak from the T-top and the salt did a lot of damage and now it's stored in the garage until I can fix it.
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Cool thx.
I have had a leaky moon roof so I know about that BS.
T-Tops rubbers are different to a whole piece material top.
But yes, she sits in a carport so that is good too.

Jerry Baker:
Nice Stangs bro.  Im with the boss I like the Mach 1 the best but then Im a mach 1 kind og guy.

if you put Vasoline on the seals they will swell up and help with a better seal

Thanks for the tip Godfather but I took the car apart and the seals are now in the garbage. The leak came from a hole underneath the seal.
I also had a few classic convertibles and a car with a softop sunroof in the passed and they all leaked. Today convertibles are certainly more weatherproof than classic cars but I will never get another car without a plain metal roof again :)

I have only been to the east coast of Canada once.
I'd say about 8 years ago I drove to Halifax.
Very nice area out there.
I did give consideration to move out there.  But I did not look into finding a job.
Again I was single too, now would be a bit of a challenge.

I love to drive. :-D

Yes I love it over here. I am originally from a big city in France and it's a big change with all this wild space and Canadians are great people, very friendly and open minded. Only one problem, the COLD weather in winter lol. I live here since 5 years and don't have any plan to move back to France.
I have been in Toronto a few times but all I saw from there was the international airport.


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