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Hello my name is Fred , my country sud France , my Mustang , 67 Fastback A code
67 Hardtop A code .

 Welcome to the forum from the "other" wine producing area, Northern California. I see two Mustangs of the same color and year. Can you give us some information on how you got them? I know it's not like here where you can find Mustangs every day so you must have a story.

Sorry for my English , i translated with Google bear with me long ago that i wold like
talk . the former horner of the hardtop was California . for Fastback Minnesota .
My wine country is the Corbieres department of Aude for Narbonne .

You are doing just fine. If you have technical questions, ask away in either French or English. The site administrator is from Canada and speaks French.
It took a few minutes, but I found the area you are talking about, on the South Coast of France on the Mediterranean Sea..
Again, welcome.

Welcome to the site.  I have been to Sud France.  That southern part is beautiful.  I went to Carcasonnes several years ago. 
Nice looking Mustangs. 


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