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alright so earlier today i went on the hunt to find a speed shop that i have been hearing all types of good things about and it is relatively a short drive from my house.  they have a pretty small shop but they look like they do some really good work a seen a few twin turbo-ed fox bodies and a big block lx that makes 920 rwhp.  so me and a few of they guys who worked there started throwing around some ideas about what to do with my car and this is what we came up with: larger throatle body, trick flow manifold, headers, high flow cats and new x-pipe,(i am going to keep my mufflers and axel backs), a diablo chip and a performance tune.   i should be getting all this work done the 1st week of august while i am on vacation soo now all i have to do is wait. :D

Sounds like a plan. 

hope so it will be nice he is going to do 3 dyno pulls with my car as soon as i get it to the show to get some base line numbers and then they are going to tune it so i will have the numbers for everything after the work


Sounds like you have your chit together.  Let us know how it goes. 


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