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Hi from Queensland Australia,

My husband and I have just purchased an original 1965 GT Mustang Convertible and would like to get a Marti Report done (can only find them being done from 1967).  Is this correct or could someone please advise email address/telephone no. of where to go.

Thanks again from the land downunder


 Welcome to the site Margie. I am afraid you can't get a Marti report for your Mustang as they are only available for 1967 to 1973 Mustangs.
 Here is their website with a list of vehicles:

Yeah, Thierry is right.   Ford threw away all the paperwork away for the 65-66 models, so even Kevin Marti can't decifer your numbers.  Decode your VIN to see if what is on the VIN is actually what you have, and remember that there are no numbers matching 65 or 66 Mustangs because Ford did not put the VIN on the engine and transmission back then. 

Thank you Thiery and Soaring for replying to my request - we are only new to Mustangs (already have a Hot Rod) so any info is great.  We have checked the Vin number and it matches with what we have.  Our car is fully restored with RHD for Australia so is just wonderful.  Sure is great to drive with the roof down.



 There is no real number matching Mustangs for that period but they can be called "number matching" if the serial numbers from the transmission and engine gives you a date for at most 2 weeks earlier than the one from the VIN. If it's the case, your car will have more value.
 Do you have any photo of your Mustang and hotrod? RHD Mustangs must be rare, how was it done?


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