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Crystal or James:
The yellow mustang in the middle is my baby, Lucy.  The center of attention.  She's the last year of the 5.0 but that's not what you would find under the hood.  Intead, you would find a 347 stroker waiting on a Kenne Bell supercharger.  (If anyone is willing to donate one I'll be glad to take it off your hands!! Hehehe).  The V6 green mustang is the baby of my BEST friend and the Tempo belongs to her sister, (she hopes to upgrade to a mustang soon!)  We most of the time cruise in Lucy because she's the fastest, yellowest, loudest and duh, CONVERTIBLE!

Tony Vanderhoff:
Nice stang. I have a 90 stang with a 5.0 in it. I am turning it in to a 347 stroker too, :-D . It has 400+hp right now. with a 5 speed in it. I want to put a supercharger on it too.

Jerry Baker:
Nice looking bunch of mustangs girls and the tempo is nice too.

Welcome to the site

Jerry Baker:
Wait a moment

your from Corbin   I use to live in Barboursville and did run around Corbin many years ago.   Nice to see someone from my neck of the woods on here.

Crystal or James:
No kidding?  Barbourville?  Cool beans!!  Did you "cruise" the square on weekends? Lol!


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