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Les' 2008 Mustang


 My brother in law, Les, just bought a new 2008 V6 Mustang to replace his Sunfire and asked me to post some pictures here. He is living in the opposite site of Canada so all I saw is what is here.

Les and Eleanor, if you come here, feel free to join the team. We have good helpers here if you need tips.  ;)

Are there any differences between the 07 and the 08?  I don't see any, but there may be some subtle differences.  Pretty car, and a great color of red.  Not too flashy, not too subdued.  Are those driving lights, or are those fog lights in the grill? 

 I don't think there was many differences outside the car between the 2005 and 2008 Model years other than the rims and the colors but the fog lights in the grill are offered since 2006 with the Pony package upgrade for the V6 models only.


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