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Just thought i'd say hello from England (new guy)

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Uk stang man:
As i have just this minuite registered on this EXCELLENT forum i thought i'd say hello and include a group pic' of our 3 mustangs ;D

Greetings earthlings ;)

Uk stang man:
first pic' too small :-[ try again

Welcome to our site.  Is that a 68 in the garage? 

Uk stang man:

--- Quote from: Soaring on April 12, 2009, 11:08:58 AM ---Welcome to our site.  Is that a 68 in the garage?

--- End quote ---

thanks for the welcome ;) the one in the garage is a 65 ragtop, currenly undergoing a full floor replacement........inner rockers, torque boxes,full floors etc.......lots more work than i thought :'( :'(

Is that some sort of Rotisserie you have rigged up there? 


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