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I don't have a hipo mustang anymore but I do have a 67 GT-500 shelby if that counts. Just wanted to say hello to all. Frank  Here is a pic of the car with swmbo[attach=1][attachthumb=2][attachthumb=1]

*Licking my chops*** Man, what a beautiful Mustang.  Your SWMBO isn't bad looking either.   ;D

Well if you don't have a hipo Mustang what's the point to come here. This is a Ford Mustang forum not a Shelby Mustang forum. Just kidding ;D
Welcome to the forum and let us know more about your Shelby and your SWMBO too if you want. ;D

Welcome to the forums, that shelby looks good

Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate the kind words.Well as far as the Shelby goes, I found it as a rust free basket case in a storage building in Florida.(Thanks to the help of some friends who heard about it through word of mouth. All the parts were there but was in boxes of all shapes and sizes.Car was taken apart for a color change and was painted but never reassembled. When I got it, I put it together as a daily driver for about a year but then I wanted a little more power then the 428 could offer so I dropped a 427 Tunnelport into it. I Used to sneak it out at night for a little street action when I was a soldier at FT. Campbell Ky. When I got out of the service I decided that I wanted to do a Ground up restoration on the car so apart it came. I had it painted Black with white stripes. The painter even made stencils for the GT-500 stripes and painted those on as well. Then he clearcoated over so it's smooth. You cant even feel the stripes in the paint. Then I decided that I wanted to lighten the front a little so I bought a shelby 427 all aluminum block. It came with the oversize bore option of .040 over a stock 427 block. I then took it another .050. You can go .10 safe with these. i also liked the fact it had 6 bolt mains. We put a stoker crank with lemons rods aded a set of shelby stage 2 heads. These heads have a 2.25 intake and a1.85 exaust. Cam is a c8ax ford strip tripper. 610 lift and 322 duration solid lifter. Topped off with a tunnelwedge intake and BJ/BK carbs. I have 567 cubic inches.It weighs 25lbs more then a dressed 289.  I'm running a big input big output ford 4speed and a 4.10 detroit locker. As far as the swmbo, I met her while I was in the service. She was my commanding oficers daughter. LOL. We have been married almost 24 years and I'm still very proud of her.


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