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Just found pics of my first mustang

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I know im not new but i wanted to show you my first mustang and why not show case the piece of work. Literally. I replaced more stuff on this car than what it was worth.

My 1994 V6 mustang that I named Ace.

Nice!  I Sure like the black if you couldn't tell all ready... hehehe

I named him Ace because he had been in a accident before. If you look at the front bumper. Its flat black the rest of the car isnt. So Ace for Ace Bandage. Then to top it off i hit my dads work van with it cause i had to wear my cute new pumps to school and i learned the hard way that high heels and a stick shift dont go well together

ACE is a friend of mine to..hehe

Nice stang, I'd get some better rims on it and some low profile tires.  Keep her clean!


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