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old skool racer:

 hi there everyone,,  here is my mustang,, hope u like it,

old skool racer:

 as u can see its a 1970 302 fastback, with a boss dressup kit, has had a full restoration by mustang restorers uk, new seats, roof lining, dash carpet boot lid and bonnet, ful new chrome pack, new ps units and pipes and ram,  the only thing i did was fit new 4 pot brakes with vented and grooved discs

Not my favorite color (colour) but a beautiful Mustang. What do you have for a powerhouse?  Should be a 351. 

old skool racer:
its a 302, got a marti report so its correct,,   actually i bought it cuz of the colour,,  so many red or white ones around,, it kinda caught my eye,

If you like the colour, then it is the right one for you.  How does that 302 run?


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