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I have my first mustang !!!!


Its not the prettiest yet but has a brand new rebuilt 302 v8 and tranny in her :) less then 1000 miles off rebuilds....the only problem is the previous owner was in the process of restoring the insides so i have no interior except for my gauges seats and seatblets just enough to be legal and i have looked everywhere but i havent found a decent website for some alright looking cheap door pannels and maybe a dash board and a new steering wheel.....Oh and yes she is a 5 spd :))

Thanks for Reading Austin


Consider either a local salvage yard, ebay or even a custom interior  A local show winning custom upholsterer here in Nashville will build an interior from basically where you are for as little as $2,500.00  I know it sounds like a lot, but when you price door panels and such it will add up

you know what that sounds like a decent idea actually it will take some saving up but i would rather not put crap in my mustang,,, and just put nice stuff thanks for the advice...but around here i havent heard of any detailing probably have to go down south.. Thanks for your help



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