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sorry havent been around for a few months i have been putting in some really long hours at my job but i have been putting a lot of money away so i have some ideas for my car and finially have the money that i can throw into it. 

Hey, Areese, welcome back.  Tell us what you plan to do with your Mustang now that you are rich. 

well this is what i am thinking now i want to get a bbk dual stage intake manifold, and i think i want to up grade my heads but i havent done to much research yet so i am not sure what i would want to get   ( any sugestions) i was also thinking about doing some other smaller things such as under drive pully and i am mildly split between a break upgrade or headers.
So of course guys if any one has any other idea's or sugestions i am always open to anything because as of now i am just bouncing ideas around in my head and it would be nice to have some outside opinions.

AFR (Air Flow Research) for the heads, a weiand intake manifold, and a 4 barrel carb of your choice, but don't go beyond 650 CFM.  There are a ton of exhaust manifolds out there, just make sure it flows freely and get the ceramic coated ones.    I'd put an exhaust system on there that flows freely.  Be sure to include an "X" pipe on it.  If you want a loud rattly sounding muffler, then go with the flowmaster 40 series, but if you want to be able to listen to that new stereo you are going to put in, then go with something a little more tame such as the Ravins that I have on mine or magnaflows.  You might even consider the Borlas.  They still have a rumble, but not that irritating rattle as the flows have.  Go to the FAQ section in the classic section on here, and listen to the sound bites I have posted there.  I know that most of this doesn't apply to your 2000 engine, but if you are going to replace the heads, then I would go with a carbureted system.  I'm just thinking out loud here, so if this doesn't apply to you, then just ignore me.   ;D

i would love to make is carb. but my mom isnt too hot about that idea and since she does provide food and shelter i think i should keep her as happy as possible.  the main reason that i posted this is because i don't want to buy junk aftermarket parts or parts that are known to be faulty.  i remember looking at a few posts about patriot heads and there was talk about them dropping valves. i havent really ever heard anything bad about bbk aftermarket stuff although i have only been in the mustang game for less than a year and i know with my VW i was very weary because i knew a lot of companies that made less that spectacular parts and i dont want to spend a few thousand to drop a valve and lose my daily driver.   but thank you soaring as i said i am open to any suggestions so if you have one let me hear it


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