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Howdy from Nashville

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Nice board here!  Already have gotten some good advice on my car and hope to return the favor.

This is my 4th Mustang if you can count a a Mustang II Coupe with a 302 as a true Mustang LOL

It is a work in progress, but it certainly is a lot of fun.  I had a 72 Coupe back in the late 80's and really enjoyed working on it and learned a lot.

I have a few issues to sort out, but she runs and is far faster than the suspension likes even though everything is tight and fresh in the front end.  I have a few photos, cause I know folks like photos-sorry I couldn't get some bikini babes to pose, but what the heck, I'll try again.[attach=1]][attach=2][attach=3][attach=4][attach=5][attach=6][attach=7][attach=8][attach=9][attach=10][attach=11]

She's a clean one Jeff.....where was she during the contest?  Hey, is the passenger side rear in a rut, or are the leaf springs in the rear needing replacing? 

Leaf springs are very weak, prior owner had air shocks installed to compensate.  Good eye.  New 5 leaf springs and Koni's are on the way.  Front springs look to be big block springs and sit a tad high, not sure if I should replace or cut a half coil.  I'm going to wait til the rear is done to decide.  Also have a rear Anti sway bar on the way.  Loved the difference it made on my 72

So, you are rich enough to afford Koni's, huh?  ;D  When I changed out my rear leafs, I put on KYB's, and she rides great now.  It took me awhile to get one of the leafs off  though.  The front bolt was frozen to the spring, so I had to use my recip saw to cut it off.  It's a very common problem, so don't be surprised. 

I have my torch and cut off wheels ready to go along with extra jack stands and a good floor jack.  Wish the parts had been here this weekend as the weather was beautiful.  Since they weren't,  I installed the engine in my boat instead and will have to finish up the engine alignment (run out has to be within .004) belts, hoses, electrical connections, exhaust, carb and distributor after work this week. (sounds like a lot of work!)

Rich enough to afford Koni's?  I guess I am, though the cost wasn't that bad at $50 bucks a piece.  I did a lot of this when I was in my teens and early 20's and found a way to come up with the money, now that I am in my mid fortys . . . well the money is easier, but the physical work is a bit harder.


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