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Well, I'm in my mid 60's and have arthritis pretty bad in my knees, and I changed my leafs.  The secret is to get the car on at least 4 jack stands and put the stands as high as you can get them.  I used 6.  That way you can sit on your butt with your head inside the wheel well as you work.  That way you won't be killing your back and neck. 
One other tip.  After you get the leafs on, do not tighten down the shackle bolts until the car is back on the ground.  If you do, the shackle will squeak like hell.  Once the car is back on the ground, then tighten them. 

Thanks, I learned that on my 72 and remembered it vaguely.  While I am under there I also need to do something about my ridiculously loose exhaust system.  Thankfully I have a welder and am more than happy to fabricate proper hanger hardware.  I'm not sure what they did before with those huge clamps, but I at least know I can do better than that!

Those hangers are usually located right underneath the rear seat, so take the seat and the underlayment out before welding there.  You also have a gas tank to be concerned about. 

My rear seat back was reupholstered and needs the bottom edge properly secured so pulling the seats was in the plan anyway, but I only intend to weld the bent metal for the hangers to the exhaust pipe if necessary, not do any welding to the body of the car.  Hopefully the old attachment points are reusable, if not I won't weld without pulling everything mentioned above out.

As to the gas tank . . . you mean I need to worry about igniting 20 gallons of high octane gas directly over my head  Jeesh . . . you're worse than my mother! ;)

I guess I should add some details shouldn't I

1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1

113,000 miles

The following options are all correct for the car

Medium Bright Yellow paint with Mach 1 Stripe package
351Q code engine (4V)
Toploader 4 speed with OEM Hurst shifter
Factory Dual point distributor
Factory Magnum 500 Wheels with BF Goodrich 235-60-15's
Flawless Ginger interior w/ original Philco AM/FM Cassette
foldaway rear seat with trunk pass thru
True dual exhausts (now with Flow tech Raptor mufflers)
Factory front Anti Roll bar
Factory front and rear spoilers
Full gauge package and clock

These upgrades were on the car when purchased

4:56 gears Track Lok differential (Will be returned to 3:50 gears next week)
Holley 700CFM DP Mechanical secondaries with electric choke
Torker Aluminum intake
Ford Motorsport Aluminum Valve Covers
14" K&N Filtercharger air cleaner in Chrome housing
600 # front springs

I am waiting on a few additional parts that are due in next week and will be installed immediately thereafter

200# rate 5 leaf rear springs
Koni rear shocks
3/4 adjustable rear anti roll bar
Monte Carlo bar


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