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Hi new to this site and have just (five weeks ago) aquired a 1965 Mustang coupe from Arizona. would love to get some history and find out previous owners etc but since you have a different system to ours in the UK am not sure where to start.
Any suggestions on next step to get background on my car would be great

Welcome to the site.  One thing you can do is to decifer the VIN.  Get the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) off the plate attached to the door, then use this decoder to break it down.  It will tell you a lot of information about your car as it came from the factory.

I posted this history of the Mustang video a few days ago.  Take a look and learn.

Welcome. There is little information available as to previous ownership available. It's a combination of privacy laws and of an inept bureaucracy. The party that you got the car from would be a starting place but that is obvious. No computerized records exist for Fords built before 1967 as Ford decided to not spend the time or money doing that, although assembly line data and the original order info is available for 1967 on. As Glen refered to, look at the drivers door data tag. If it's not there (that happens a lot), your VIN is stamped into the fender apron in several places, and you should have it on the bill of sale. 

Yeah, it would be hard to find the original owner, unless it is a one owner car, but I doubt that it is. Like Jim said, if the VIN data plate is missing, then check the inner fender on the driver's side.  It's stamped there in a cut-out of the fender.  Here is where to look.  But, you have to realize that these old Mustangs have been modified over the years  by previous owners, so there is no telling what you have.  As Jim mentioned, there are no written records before 1967 as recorded by Marti.  You are just going to have to accept what you have.  If you give us some pictures and descriptions of what you have, we can pretty much narrow it down. 

Thanks for the help, I have kinda figured out the Vin# bits and have also as suggested written to the last owner (who if the info I found is accurate is in his eighties!!!!) I am guessing it may have been son or grandson of registed owner who sorted out the sale. There does not appear to have been any modifactions as far as I can tell so all I am trying to do is get previous owners history. Its much easier here in the UK to get previous owners so I will be patient and hope the last owner will get back to me.
Thanks again guys


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