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Dr. Feelgood:
Hi, i have a 1999 Mustang gt.
Many mods, its fast enough to take out cobras and down.
Its a dark high land green, tan interior.
I am, called the Honda killer by the car club i am in car club.
Only been beat 2 time's by a 03 cobra i almost had him to, a 2002 gt he sprayed at strip.
P:s i don't spray.

Nice looking Mustang.  I really like that grill.   Welcome to the site.  Pull up a chair and stay awhile. 

Dr. Feelgood:
I will,as long as there is posting.


--- Quote from: Dr. Feelgood on March 24, 2009, 09:18:48 PM ---I will,as long as there is posting.

--- End quote ---
We are not as fast as some other sites, but we offer a friendly site that doesn't challenge you.  There are several on here who are quite knowledgable about all years and makes of Mustangs, but not like some of the other sites such as the biggest ones.  With those sites, you get lost in the crowd, and negative responses are frequent.  Hang in here, and help us build this one up.  It doesn't take but a few minutes a day. 

Dr. Feelgood:
Alright, this is the only mustang forum I am apart of. So i will be hear every other day maybe every day i don't know. ;D


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