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hi new from texas


Hi My name is Joel and i'm from Texas.

I'm new and i need at least nine more bs posts before i can post up for sale forum.

 I have a 2 items brand new oem parts in my possession for the 2006 roush convertible stage 1.  They are the plastics that sit underneath the bumper and radiator i believe if i'm not mistaken. 

I know they're pricey but i'm willing to give someone a deal if they give me a deal.
i have pics but i'll send them to anyone who requests them.

We have the 10 post rule for a reason.  Many times salesmen will post only once to sell their wares, then never return to add to the site with discussions about our Mustangs.  We are not an ad agency.  We only have that section for the convenience of our members.  Show us that you are a true Mustang advocate by joining in on the discussions.  10 posts will go by in a flash if you do. 
Where in Texas are you located?  We have several members here from Texas.  I am located in the hill country.  When is this incessant rain going to stop?   ;D

i'm located at the southern tip of texas, an hour and a half west of south padre island.  this rain is getting very old but hey at least our yards and plants are getting green and ripe. another bad thing is there are more accidents on the expressway and roads because of the lack of traction on rainy days.

So, you are in the valley.  I have spent a lot of quality time on South Padre with my Jeep and fishing.  I also took my high school band from Desoto, Texas to the festival there.  It's a great part of our state, and most of the fruits and vegetables we consume come from there.  Well, at any rate, keep in touch on here, and maybe someday we can hook up with a Texas Mustang get-together. 


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