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Hi, Im from oregon I have a few questions


I just got this old car and was told that it had a shelby motor in it. how do I know if this is true or not?? all I can tell you is that is has a dual carb high rise and the cover says 289 hp .. Is there numbers out there that I can check to see what is in this car?? thanks for the help. brenda

I see by your profile that you list a 67 Mustang. Is that the one in question? Offhand, my first answer would be  - "No, it's not a Shelby". That being said, some pictures would help. When you get into the verification of an engine, it gets complicated explaining where to look, but it gets simpler after you know what to look for and where to look.

Look at your VIN, and if the 5th number is a "K" then you are on your way to determine if It is a Shelby.  If not, you are SOL as far as the original engine is concerned. 

I will get some pics. I know that it is not the origanal engine. I was told the engine came out of a car that they rolled and put this engine in this car. I will post some pics soon. thanks for the help


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