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Hi from new guy in New Zealand


Hi All.
Just wanted to introduce myself. I live in New Zealand, although i am originally from the UK.
I have a 1967 Mustang 289 Coupe on its way from California. It is a 2 owner car with all original panals. Is a C code car.
It has a 9 inch diff and 4bbl carb fitted and also has the front end tightened/strengthened. It is going to be a do up as i drive project. Can't wait for it to get here.!! :)
I hope you will all help with the many questions i am sure to fire your way. (Never owned a Mustang before) and if i can i will add my help where i can. The Mustang is an auto. I would like to fit a manual 5 sp at some point too.
Well thats all for now, catch you all later............Cheers.........muncher (Kameran)

Welcome to the site.  We will try to help as best we can.  When you finally get the classic and access all that needs to be done to completely resore it, let us know. 

Hi everyone! i am cruise.i stay in Folsom and have just joined the forum.I am looking forward to gain some knowledge from here.Its nice to meet you all.

Welcome Cruise.  Pull up a chair. 


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