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HelloI am from minnesota just joined the site. I c alot of nice rides here. I own a 72 mach 1 with a 351 cobra jet had a marti report done. I just got done with the drivetrain now for her looks. came here to get some ideas and some info. looking forward to this site
 thanks  RRJ76[attachimg=1][attachimg=2][attachimg=3][attachimg=4][attachimg=5][=1]

That's a good looking Mach1.  Very clean.  The only improvement I can see would get the pebble damage fixed on the front of the hood.  If you are from Minnesota, that car was garaged during the winters. No rust damage that is visible. 

welcome pretty good looking car :)

but i have one question to ask. do you have air shocks in the rear?? if so immediately remove them and throw them away they will damage your floor pan in the rear of the car.
if you want it to sit like that make sure to buy some springs to do so.

just ask me how i know about the air shocks :P

 Yes I do have airshock in rear,interested to hear more about damage to floor pan what do I look for. They have been on car since I bought it in 98 I have only put about 5,500 since that time. I am tring to bring car back to original. I have to find rims,tires any info on that also would be grate.There is rust started in spots. I will be bringing car in for complete redo in 2 years. Nice to meet u rmodel65 and soaring. I have spent most time under cars and repairing sewer very new to a computer please excuse my typing . thanks ryan 

rrj76, all you have to do is take the air shocks off and replace them with KYB shocks.  Just go to an Autozone or whatever and get a set of KYB shocks.  They are stiffer than standard shocks but not by much.  If you air up those air shocks and hit a big bump, you run the risk of poking a hole in the top portion of where the shocks bolt on.  That metal is not very thick, so take those air shocks off and replace them with KYB's. 


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