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Hello,glad to find this site,well I dont have a mustang anymore as totaled it in 1977.
But as my 1st car it love at first drive.1969 w/3512v,fmx,3.25r/e.It was a stripped
down model that was used as a news car at the local tv station my dad worked for.
It had mach1#s as I checked way back when.Still miss it to this day :'(

Welcome to the site Clay. It has been a long time since you lost your Mustang, any plan to buy a new one in the future?

Thanks for the welcome,it has always been in my plans,but wife,childrenand all the rest.
Now nearing retirement,kids grown&doing well on there own,wife divorce gone.
So it has been nagging at me for some time.I doubt in the near future but lust is still there.
Thanks again    Clay

Sounds like you might be a little lonely now that the wife and kids are gone, and you are reflecting on younger days when you were happy with a classic Mustang.  Well, get another one and get to work on it.  I can guarantee you that it will keep your mind on the Mustang project and not the lonlineness.  Come here often to get help.  Check in at the Classic section and discuss classics with us. 

Well welcome to our family.  We won't divorce or grow up and leave.  You never know, someone might come up to with an outstanding offer for a car that you won't be able to refuse.


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