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my name is stephen i go by rmodel65 on all the forums. I've currently got three rides. a 65 fastback restomod, a 91 gt daily driver and a newly acquired 95 GTS(different than a gt) i look forward to posting here heres some pics of my rides

Welcome Stephen.  For all the regulars here, Stephen is a friend of mine from another site.  He is quite knowledgable about Mustangs from all years, and will be a very good member here with tons of information. 

Welcome to this site Stephen. Your Mustangs are all great but my favorite is the 1965 fastback  :D. I can see you installed big brakes and Shelby lights on it, what other modifications does it have?

there are a lot of mods. the entire front end is glass except for the headlight buckets and doors. the fenders are flared 1.5 inchs over stock front and rear. ive added the shelby "r"model valence also where my user id comes from ;) it has led 67 style led squential lights from mustang project, 67 shelby style hood,spoiler,66 shelby style quarter windows, rear seat delete. 620 coils kyb shocks, ps delete, 3024v, with tri-y weiand intake and holley street avenger carb, 4spd close ratio toploader. the brakes are 13inch ssbc, and 10.5 ssbc in the rear. 2002 bullits, and i have 05 black leather gt seats im gotta install.

all im really lacking is finishing interior assembly, getting all my ac parts and repainting the car in bc/cc. i painted it a couple of years ago to seal the car with a single stage.

A classic with modern parts, I love it and you seem to have done a great job. Did you win any trophy with that car?


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