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Hello from saskatchewan *PICS*

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Hello, yesterday i just picked up my 2005 mustang gt with the 350 package on it, plus it already has a K&N intake on it. going from a 1994 blazer to this is a world of difference in power and handling. I am getting exhaust installed on Tuesday. But i was wondering what other mods i could do for a grand or less for some extra power? I was looking at a throttle body spacer but now sure what else. thanks
also can some well help me re size my pictures cause i cant get them to load.

hello there and welcome.

Sounds good, i know ur going to enjoy the pony.  ;) ;D

For mods, you can replace the throttle body, Intake Plenum and Manifold. You can also change the pulleys. more or less 850-1000. in expense, depending the brands. if you buy a packeage all together its cheaper. get an X-pipe(catless) with either flowmaster 40, or magnaflow depending on the sound of you like. Then into the future you can throw in gears and new chip for the ECU and last but not least SUPERCHARGE IT!  8) ;D hope everything works out well... :)

here's a link to help you resize those pics...

I wish i had money for all those mods and super charger. but for now im just getting the exhaust which is a magnaflow with the x pipe then throttle body and an alarm system.

look VERY nice 8). Throttle body alone wont do much unless you change the Intake plenum. they go for 110-250 bucks depending on the brand, and even better with the manifold. but yeah, sometimes we just gotta go a part at a time  :-\


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