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Hello from Ohio


Just traded my Fox body for a 66 coupe. I found one small rust spot in the trunk and the rear drivers side wheel well has some putty from a dent I can see inside the fender. It's been saved from being cut up as a drag queen. The interior is good but red limits the outside color. I need to change the differential and upgrade the steering. Paint of course[attachthumb=1]

Minor details.  Yeah, I have to agree about the color.   ;D  Show us some pics when you get it painted. 

looks spiffy

Very nice, can't wait to see her when she is finished.

Thanks for the replies. I've made a wish list, but it will need to be changed to a need list. The wishes will take a little more time and money. Things I need to change first is the steering box, I'm going to pick up a new Flaming River. The rearend has a mini spool and high gears.  I want to change it back to something more normal. I'm going to start removing the sheet metal that can be removed and clean and paint the back side this weekend.
Something on bodywork, it has the cracks at the back corners of the quarter windows. If I tie the frame and firm things up will it help these not come back?

Thanks again this is a great site.


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