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Hello from Montreal

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Hi everyone.. not new to the forum, but been following for a while .. figured its about time to introduce myself..

I hail from the Montreal, (Quebec,Canada region) have been driving around in a 2007 triple black GT vert since 2007 and recently (October) acquired a 1968 tru GT Fastback.  I have posted pics in the gallery section, but here are my BadBoys at home ..

Hope to be able to contribute to some threads soon - since my babies are now warm and snug in the garage for the winter.  Can't wait to get started on fixes (for the 68) and new mods (for the 2007)... Hope Santa comes through ..  :o

You have a pair of good looking Mustangs.  Welcome to the site, and I am looking forward to your input in the future.  Merry Christmas!

Welcome to the forum badboy and feel free to talk about your website, I saw some great photos of your fastback. ;D

Either of those two cars need to be in the December Mustang of the month contest.  Getter' done.   ;D

Both cars are looking great!


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