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Hello from France

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my name is Lilian, male, 42 and have owned mustangs and others mucle cars for 20 years.

my collection is at the moment : 2 69 302 sportsroof, 70 mach 1 M code export, 71 5.7L hemi Cuda and 65 454 el camino ( my latest purchase)

I was looking for a real international forum for a while and I think this is the right place to be.

I read that some French are already here and I know some of them.
I live in the Alps near the Frech/Swiss border, if you come by, I ll be happy to meet you

Hi Lilian and welcome to the forum.
You have a great collection there, are they all under restoration?
We have some French members here but you will find a lot more in the French section if you want to meet Mustang enthusiasts close to you. The only problem is that you will need to register there as well. ;)

69 and elcamino are driver

Welcome to the site.  I had a 1980 ElCamino at one time.  They were called the Gentlemen's truck at that time.  You have a nice corral of Mustangs, and I hope you can get the parts you need to keep them current. 

Welcome to the site very nice collection.


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